Speech- Equality is a myth

A very wise person once said that, “True equality can only exist in heaven; in earth, the belief that all men are equal is wishful thinking. For men are created unequal in strength, intelligence, character – well in everything.”

But then most of us have this god given belief that all human beings are born equal, which means that everyone has equal qualities and equal attributes and gets equal opportunities to excel in life. Yet, today we see people who are a genius in doing some things and not even mediocre in doing other things. It is argued that every human being has a different set of qualities and his success depends on identifying and utilizing those qualities.

We have to understand equality is a concept made by the people to make feel better about themselves. When you think about it nothing is equal in reality, the person sitting next to you may not have the same IQ as you or your potential to do something may not match his. That’s why I have noticed that we crave equality not at an individual level rather as a community. We’ve seen different religions or castes fighting for their equal rights or the most prominent one the gender equality. That’s been going on like a never ending war and why do you think that is ? We as kids at school level have studies about equality rights and the fight for equality fought by women centuries back and now even in the current age we live in, we see the same fight still going on like a ongoing battle. If equality is such an attainable concept then why haven’t we reached it or better yet, even after all these years why we women are still fighting for our rights.

We all know religion asserts equality.But then why do people have to protest and demand rights for their own religion ? Why do we see people from minority religion fighting for equality rights ? Even though India is a place of multi-religions but still a certain religion is looked down upon or in certain places people are not allowed to reside just because they belong to a different religion. People still face religion discrimination even though we all preach equality. Similarly, even gender equality is debatable. The sexes are just too different. There are some activities that are better suited to men and others that are better suited to women. The sexes were made to compliment each other not necessarily to be equal. While I do support that we should all have the same opportunities, its just not realistic in the present scenario. For example, In entertainment industry its a known fact that no matter what role the actors are playing and how much of a significance it has they are always paid much higher than the actresses.

This is what exists in the present age we live in. But I would like to mention that even though equality is a myth now, when you think about it wasn’t right to vote for women in Victorian era something unimaginable too ? So, even if its a myth now I’m sure there will come a time when we all will enjoy the bliss of an egalitarian society.


Terribly Tiny Tale


I’m what people fear

happening when life gets too busy.

People say I am necessary

But are too scared to embrace me.

I’m the answer for – Am I not enough?

And the question for – This is too much.

At present I am a stroke of brightness in the dark

cause’ my value has risen up.

I am something that can happen for better or worse,

But I am Inevitable.